Scotch whisky pancakes

Scotch Whisky Pancakes

You’ll wish everyday was Pancake Day once you’ve tasted these bad boys, made with our delightfully sweet Scotch Whisky Syrup.

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Hamilton_Whisky Mousse 6 MAIN IMAGE

Chocolate Whisky Sauce and Orange Mousse

This is the perfect chocolate mousse for the run up to Christmas - it uses our new chocolate sauce in conjunction with freshly zested orange and lashings of double cream.

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Hamilton_Whisky Puddings 9

Wee Whisky Puddings and Ice Cream

This recipe is the perfect combination of two sweet treats: warm date and whisky syrup puddings with whisky butterscotch ice cream.

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Hamilton_Whisky Sauce 5 MAIN IMAGE

Pork Bites

This is a wonderfully simple recipe using our signature whisky sauce. You can cut the pork in to bites, or use the whole belly as a sharing dish.

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Hamilton_Whisky Bonnet Crab 7 MAIN IMAGE

Crab Rarebit

For anyone who loves a rarebit we have the perfect dish for you, using our lightly spiced and flavoursome scotch bonnet sauce, with sweet crab and cheddar cheese.

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Hamilton_Whisky Vinegar 9 MAIN IMAGE

Pan Fried Mackerel

Vinegar and mackerel are a wonderful combination, as the acidity cuts through the fattiness of this vitamin rich and sustainable fish, and using our whisky vinegar adds an additional earthy depth of flavour for this healthy, low-carb supper.

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